When Creation Has Given All It Has to Offer

Just when you think that creation has shown you all that it has to offer, you round a corner and God smiles and says, “Try this on for style and beauty.”



The Library at Petra


Petra in Jordan and the Arches National Park in Utah are two places sure to bring some sound of awe to your lips.  They both feature the hues from brown to a deep red so typical of sandstone.  Even though both locations were used for the filming of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” they remain uniquely different in one important aspect.

A Peek and a Stare

Arches National Park remains nearly pristine, almost untouched by civilizations that have inhabited its space.  Only footprints, limited roads and a few petroglyphs from the Ute Indians have altered this incredible site.

On the other hand, the Nabataeans chiseled tombs, beautiful structures, dwelling places, and other incredible historical remembrances into the slowly eroding rocks in Petra as early as the 7th Century B.C.

Marji and I spent the 7th of October, 2012 in the Arches National Park.  Please enjoy the photos.  I must say that after 60 years of travel I am still amazed by God’s creation.


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