1987–Love Turned Upside Down

Bob - 265

I have always considered myself a romantic guy.  Small details are important.  The senses of sight, smell, and sound actually gather my attention quite easily.  Soft blond hair, perfume and sweet nothings really turn me one.  And, it doesn’t take a lot of experience to see that almost any woman is happier if you pay attention to the little details about their likes and dislikes.  The details on a date don’t require perfection, they should show planning and effort.  So, when I was thinking about proposing to my wife, nothing would do but the right lighting, the precise words, and even the unique place for all this to happen with emotional drum rolls.  My wife and I have always been turned on by the music of Neil Diamond.  We appreciate his music when our budget was lean and “Forever in Blue Jeans” was a daily experience.   But our favorite of all his music is “Songs of Life.”  So I planned weeks in advance for a coming full moon and selected a river bank where we could sit in the car, listen to music, cuddle a bit, and catch the moon in stereo as it bounced off the river to the sky where we could see it again.

I had carefully placed Diamond’s cassette in the deck in the car, ready to turn it on at just the right moment.  The thought was that we could listen to “Songs of Life” quietly in the background…as I calmly preluded the not-so-unexpected question.  The evening script was moving just as planned until I turned the radio on.  Suddenly, instead of a soft romantic lead in, Diamond began his also famous song love–“Love on the Rocks!”  The tender moment never returned that evening. If one believed in para-psychic, you had to wonder what the future would hold.


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