1986 Lighting up the Evening with Diann


Good beginnings and first impressions can chart a course for a  relationship whether with a person or a group.  The first hour of getting to know someone can cripple the wish to pursue getting to know someone, or it can lay down fertile soil upon which to build a relationship.

Specific relationships are obviously more crucial than others.  Everyone covets a good beginning with a new boss.  Anyone pursuing a love relationship desires to make a good impression with the parents or children of a boy friend or girl friend.

Statistics show that ½ of all marriages end in divorce.  This doesn’t indicate that ½ of all people who get married will divorce.  Many people get divorced many times.  I divorced once.  So, at age 42, when I began dating my future wife, Marji, I wanted to make a good impression upon her three children.  Her oldest daughter was a freshman in college the first time I met her.

We traveled to her college town and took Diann out to dinner at the nicest restaurant in the area.  It was an old mill transformed into an upscale eating establishment.

The introductions went like clockwork.  She was subtly scoping her mother’s new romantic interest and I was anxious to learn a bit about this young lady.  The restaurant had little light except for one candle in the center of each table.  Most of the light power came from the candles placed in the center of every tables.  We sat struggling to see our menus.  Suddenly, everyone noticed at the same time that smoke was rising from the center of our table.  But it took me a few seconds to realize that my menu was the source of the flame.  Diann never cracked a smile; she simply said, “Bob, your menu is on fire.”  I had held the menu much too close to the flame and with time, it had burst into a source of embarrassment for me and more fodder to use on the “Let’s roast Dad nights.”

She undoubtedly was thinking, “What kind of a “nut” has Mom corralled this time.”


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