Global Warming and the Environment

Have you been reading about the Pope’s pending encyclical on global warming? It appears that many conservatives are trying to discredit his voice, saying he has no right to speak on the issue since he is primarily a theologian. They fail to realize that he is surrounded by lobbyists promoting all causes. Obviously, the Pope has a more progressive viewpoint regarding the importance of questions such as global warming and is willing to go to bat for them.

The need for a shift from carbon intensive energy to a low carbon methodology is obvious. However, the political system in the USA is primarily driven by finance and few are willing to stand up to big business in that arena. I think the Pope believes it is his spiritual responsibility to step forward to tilt the scales toward reform. His pending encyclical, due this summer, will be interesting. Unfortunately, I fear the Roman Catholic politicians in places of leadership around the world (there are many in the USA) are reluctant to aggressively support him with votes in decision-making places that really count. I am a pessimistic about how much his influence will do. But, I pray it will make a difference for the future of our planet. Money often trumps morality. And, that is sad.

I am thankful the Roman Catholic leadership is stepping forward since most Protestant leaders seem to be undecided and reticent to speak.

I am personally uncertain about to what to believe related to global warming. The studies are so varied. My mind says that regardless of specifics, we are belching unnecessary pollution into the air at alarming rates for our lungs and beyond and beyond. Why not assume the worse, rather than risk the consequences so many scientists predict?

Years ago I read about the Great Law of the Iroquois nation that insisted on the importance of considering all action related to the environment in light of the impact any decision will have upon seven generations. Right now, most people worry only about the impact of all change in light of their net worth. Related to this issue, I wish all politicians were members of the Iroquois nation.


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2 thoughts on “Global Warming and the Environment

  1. Marjie N May 29, 2015 at 8:04 am Reply


  2. David Bishop May 29, 2015 at 11:02 am Reply

    I have my doubts about global warming and really wonder what those who believe it have for evidence.

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