Blind Date Taradiddle

I responded to the following blog challenge today from J. A. Allen. These challenges are ways to get involved in creative writing…

The Challenge: It’s a BLIND DATE. And, it’s going great until one character’s unsettling confession. You have two paragraphs to work in. The blog could be truth or fiction.

“Nunthing” to Write Home About!

I sat quietly waiting for my date’s arrive. Apprehension, expectation, and curiosity dominated my being. I had carefully reviewed forty-seven personality profiles of interest on The lady that accepted my invitation for coffee and dessert was 68, spiritually focused, enjoyed travel, had never been married, and sought a new experience.

She arrived with a reserved smile, neatly dressed in gray slacks, a white embroidered blouse, and a light sweater. Our conversation focused on our common interests of spirituality and travel. I considered the possibility of another date when she flabbergasted me, “I am sorry Jim. I must confess that this date has been insincere. I am actually a nun and wanted to experience what other women enjoy about meeting a man in a safe situation.” I peered into her eyes in absolute silence.


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