More about a Gallant Dog Named Happy

Happy gained our hearts with his valor and loyalty. Three stories jump out of my memory bank in relation to our ten years with him. Farmers sometimes forget the dangers of farm animals especially a bull faced with competition or a cow that senses her calf is in danger. On one cattle drive, Dad attempted to force a cow in direction of a gate and at the same time physically separated the cow from a young calf. The cow turned on my Dad and ran over him. Immediately the cow began to tromp and headbutt my father. I was only 8 or 9 at the time and yelled bloody murder at the cow. But the cow paid no attention. I then saw Happy watching and said the magic words, “Sic her!” The dog attacked the cow with all fury and drove the cow running, the little calf in tow. But Dad rose very slowly and in a lot of pain from what would prove to be broken ribs and scrapes from the cow’s hooves.



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