More Sweet History about Happy

He was so smart that if we drove west to the end of our lane and turned left, he would go back home. He had probably tried to follow us and could not find us. However, if we turned right, the dog had learned we were often going to Yarmouth and would run the six miles and look for us at the elevator or my Grandma’s house.

IMG_1067 copy.JPG

Yarmouth Grain Elevator

Scan 70_2 copy.jpeg

Home of Robert and Louise Watkins in Yarmouth, Iowa

If we went down the dirt road toward Beaverdale road, he would occasionally run the three miles to church to see if we were there.


Shinar Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Happy became famous in our community because of his desire to attend church with us. Our church was not air conditioned so the doors and windows were often left open to provide better ventilation. One Easter Sunday many church families had gathered before 6 a.m. for a Sunrise service. Happy wondered into the church and came crawling under the pews until he reached our family. Church members began to giggle and whisper as the dog touched their legs on his way toward our pew.

Finally our minister, Rev. Don Sweet stopped the service to ask about the cause of the commotion. My Dad explained the arrival of our dog and stated he was about to remove him from the church. Rev. Sweet suggested that he be allowed to sit with our family since he had walked more than five miles to get to church. Happy may have had no spiritual inclinations but he returned to church on numerous occasions to worship with us. He was always content to lie at my Dad’s feet and no one voiced that our church had gone to the dogs.



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