The Birth of My Spiritual Awareness

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Spirituality was important to me since age 8 or 9. God touched me and I paid attention. I am one of the fortunate. I am so blessed that my parents encouraged my pilgrimage by keeping me in the church to hear the Word and grow. I could never have matured adequately sitting on a hillside or by a pond. Spirituality is both individual and corporate. It grows most effectively in community with others with a similar passion. So many people in the church during my childhood and teen years were mentors and encouragers. The churches I have participated in during my lifetime were never perfect. But then, I am still looking for the first perfect person apart from the Son of God. If you assemble a group of imperfect people the result will always be the same. However, I shudder to think about a world with the positive impact of the church. For me, the church elevated my ethic, challenged me to serve the less fortunate, made me away of the spiritual dimension of the creation, encouraged me in times of despair, and provided a way to deal constructively with the sin in my life.


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