More About My Childhood Spirituality

Maybe I was unusual but I always wanted to attend church, read the Bible, do daily devotions, and attend church camp. I was first out of the house and first into the church. I believe God lights a spiritual ember in everyone’s heart, but some ignore the fire and gradually it dies for lack of attention by the recipient. I can’t remember when the fire was not there. I have always been drawn to the “spiritual woodpile” for more wood to keep the fire going. There are times I am concerned my embers are dying or scared by the raging flames compelling me to go where I would not normally go. As I age my physical body is gradually weakening and will wither away, my emotions are nearly the same but will soon fray, and my mind still functions well. The mental, physical, and the emotional are temporal. The only eternal link I have to the forever future is my spirituality, my relationship with God.


My heart aches for the multitudes of people that find the spiritual quest a boring labor. Fortunately, God never gives up on a single person. Scripture states it clearly “Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone will hear me and open the door, I will come in and we will dine together” (a paraphrase of Rev. 3:20). I wish everyone could sample the entrees and desserts of the spiritual menu rather than being satisfied only by steak and potatoes of our physical desires.


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