The Everlasting Refuge of God

“The eternal God is your refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms” (Deut. 33:27)



One Ceiling La Sagrada Familia


Most of us have days when we feel unstable and weak in the light of our own strength, particularly when we are sick or begin to feel the inevitable effects of aging. I woke up on June 21 with a lot of shaking (strong tremors in my hands). This is unusual for me since I have been blessed with such good health. It frightened me. The writer of Deuteronomy, along with many other Bible authors, like to focus on the REFUGE of God.

This term no longer finds a place in our daily conversations. It is good to remember why it is of value in the life of a Christian. I can’t describe it better than David Roach has:

“Refuge” calls our attention first of all to sin and the wreckage it causes. When the Old Testament speaks of refuge, it is always in the context of a threat, something wrong or dangerous in the world. Sometimes the threat is physical, as in seeking refuge from a rainstorm (Job 24:8; Isaiah 4:6), shade from hot sun (Judges 9:15), or protection from adversaries (Psalm 61:3). In other instances, the threat is spiritual or emotional, as in a refuge from shame (Psalm 31:1; 71:1) or loneliness (Psalm 142:4). But in all these cases, the Bible’s use of “refuge” reminds us that we live in a world wrecked by sin—a world of dangers around us and brokenness inside us. We cannot avoid these realities, only seek shelter from them.

Yet the word “refuge” also calls our attention to God’s power to save us from sin and its consequences. Many times, it references His ability to protect us from the dangers just described. He provides shelter in a storm, vindication in the face of shame, and friendship in times of loneliness. Even more significantly, the Lord is our refuge in the Day of Judgment. Though He will bring a day of reckoning for sin, He grants His people forgiveness and gives them refuge from His wrath (Nahum 1:7; Deuteronomy 32:37). Indeed, the greatest need of all men and women is shelter from the horrible consequences of sin, and this word in Scripture reminds us that God offers such shelter.”  (Bible Mesh Blog)

So, today, I praise God for his everlasting refuge.


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