About this Blog

You will find the best of life huddling around humor, family, spirituality, travel and the art of taradidding.  I have spent my life as a road warrior, traveling to a variety of places of the world, meeting people one-by-one, enjoying their up and downs, and their coming and going.  Now, in retirement, I have time to weave together the many memories into a written collage of truths and taradiddles.

A taraddidle is a prevarication of the truth, a story, or a tiny lie.  My writing aims to tell truths and stories–some exactly as I remember them and others spiced a bit for interest and readability.  I will leave it for you, the reader, to separate one from the other.

So, I have coined a new term–“Taraddidling”–the art of recording the oral tradition as it might be expressed by a community of people putting in their two bits to formulate the story as they all remember it.


About the Writer

Spent childhood and youth in the Shinar Cumberland Presbyterian Church, New London, Iowa

B.S. from Bethel University 1967, Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt University 1970, Doctor of Ministry from Vanderbilt University 1973

Clinical Pastoral Education at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN   1972

 Spanish Language Certification from Spanish Language School in San Jose, Costa Rica   1975-76

 Missionary in Colombia, South America 1975-1983

 Pastor of Churches in Camden, TN; Armenia, Colombia; Louisville, KY; and Oak Ridge, TN

Director of Global Missions for the Cumberland Presbyterian Denomination   1991-2012

 Retired in 2012

Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt Divinity School and Memphis Theological Seminary

Professor of the Program of Alternate Studies of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

International Travel Guide and Storyteller


Magazines: Leadership, Decision, Cumberland Presbyterian, Missionary Messenger, The Deacon, and others.

Books: These Are My Witnesses

God’s Mighty Acts around the Globe 2013

God’s Mighty Acts around the Globe – A Study Guide 2014

Chasing Rainbows   2015

Obedience–A Personal Choice    2016



Married to Marjorie Wenos Watkins

Five Children: Diann, Timothy, Wendy, David, Steve

 Hobbies: Tennis, Pottery, Writing, and Travel

Resident of Sun City, Arizona




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