You will find the best of life huddling around humor, family, spirituality, travel and the art of taradidding.  I have spent my life as a road warrior, traveling to a variety of places of the world, meeting people one-by-one, enjoying their up and downs, and their coming and going.  Now, in retirement, I have time to weave together the many memories into a written collage of truths and taradiddles.

A taraddidle is a prevarication of the truth, a story, or a tiny lie.  My writing aims to tell truths and stories–some exactly as I remember them and others spiced a bit for interest and readability.  I will leave it for you, the reader, to separate one from the other.

So, I have coined a new term–“Taraddidling”–the art of recording the oral tradition as it might be expressed by a community of people putting in their two bits to formulate the story as they all remember it.

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